Doing R Bit The Sustainable Way

A Timber Alternative

Doing R Bit provide a range of sustainably sourced cycling and scooter storage facilities and associated street furniture. The ‘R’ is the driver of Doing R Bit, which looks to Reduce, Re-Use, Recycle and Re-Balance impact on the environment throughout all of their processes.


Why Choose Doing R Bit

At Doing R Bit, we are focussed on providing high quality products, built using principles pivotal to maintaining sustainable approaches in construction. Our commitment is to provide sustainably produced active travel storage, street furniture and storage solutions that have minimal impact on the environment and support active travel choices. To do this, we choose to use Timber.

We believe it is time to aspire to bigger, global commitments that advance sustainability and play a part in climate protection. All our products are manufactured using FSC/PEFC certified, sustainably harvested timber – a renewable resource that ensures we help maintain the natural balance of our forests.