Parklets offer a unique opportunity to wider communities to reimagine and repurpose sections of residential streets and recreational areas, by creating areas that modernise our traditional use of public parking spaces.

They have multiple uses in multiple settings, from roadside spaces to retail areas and can incorporate play equipment, bike racks, lighting, planters and seating.

Parklets are a multipurpose asset that generate a sustainable union between councils and private sectors and although each can be designed to be as individual as the next, they all share the ability to inject vibrancy into their setting.

Creating parklets with timber has the advantage of making a visual impact that is both natural and inviting, creating more pleasant spaces and public routes.

Improving the scenery and providing rest stops by including seating or bike and scooter racks, for example, encourages people to choose more sustainable travel choices by walking and cycling. While adding plant life to our parklets, provides a means to contribute to biodiversity and the action on climate control.

At Doing R Bit, we go one step further by creating our Parklets using truly sustainable methods. They are built using our greatest resource – sustainably harvested timber that has been responsibly sourced from PEFC/FSC certified forests; but it doesn’t stop there.

The process of designing, manufacturing and delivering our Parklets hinges on our sustainability values , so, where possible they are produced using local contractors, minimal travel, low carbon methods and manufactured using renewable energy. The result is a product of impeccable quality that has been built with protecting our environment as a priority.

The extensive benefits of our Parklets include

  • Air quality improvement – By encouraging people to use active travel and incorporating plant life that removes pollution and produces oxygen.
  • Ecosystem support – Adding plant life that supports wildlife, encourages pollinators and using certified timber that protects our forests.
  • Local business support – Increasing customer capacity with parklets that provide additional outside seating and creating a more pleasant dining experience.

Our sustainably built Parklets can be used as: meeting places, rest points, outdoor eating areas, play areas, cycle parks, weather shelters and pocket parks.

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