About us

Doing R Bit provide a range of sustainably sourced cycling and scooter storage facilities and associated street furniture. The ‘R’ is the driver of Doing R Bit, which looks to Reduce, Re-Use, Recycle and Re-Balance impact on the environment throughout all of their processes.

Our team have extensive experience and knowledge of implementing and delivering sustainable transport interventions for both the public and private sector. The Doing R Bit staff hold DBS certification. Our products and designs are built with a passion for doing r bit for the environment, enabling us to deliver bespoke sustainable products that meet requirements for future generations.

Everything we do is focussed on reducing our impact on the environment. We play our part in supporting a sustainable future throughout the life cycle of our products and services.”

“We believe that introducing small but significant changes throughout our work can make a difference to that of the future generations that follow.”

The Three Paths Towards a Sustainable Future

We have developed our three paths to a sustainable future. This outlines how we deliver against our commitment to make a difference for the future generations that follow.

Sustainable Service Delivery

  • Travel

Consultations, planning and project meetings are conducted online wherever possible to reduce the amount of travel undertaken in conjunction with projects. For those face-to-face meetings sustainable transport modes and trip chaining are considered as a priority to keep Co2 emissions to a minimum.

  • Energy

Doing R Bit strives to be powered by renewable sources throughout business operations.

  • Local Economy

Doing R Bit wants to contribute to the local economies it works in. Doing R Bit will actively seek to engage local suppliers where possible across projects.


Sustainability in the Supply Chain

  • Suppliers

Doing R Bit will choose suppliers who place their environmental impact at the heart of what they do wherever possible.

  • Manufacturing

Doing R Bit reduces its impact on the environment by carefully selecting the materials used. Material selection will involve looking at the CO2 emissions derived from the manufacturing processes.

Materials with lower environmental impact will be chosen over those with a high impact wherever possible.

  • Transport

The transport of our materials is a key consideration in the supply chain. Doing R Bit will take into regard, the environmental impact of the transport methods used and where possible, lower carbon options will be chosen.

This could be choosing an alternative mode of transport, transporting goods over a shorter distance or scheduling orders to maximise the quantity of materials delivered per trip and reducing the number of journeys.

Sustainability through project Implementation

  • Delivery

By supporting the local economy, Doing R Bit are reducing the amount of nationwide travel the organisation needs to make.

  • Digital Delivery

We conduct our meeting and consultations where possible online minimising our project related travel.

  • Local Economy

Doing R Bit are keen to support the local economy by engaging local suppliers to implement the works where possible.

Meet the Founder

David Spencer

Having founded in 1993 and sold in 2017 what became, and still is, one of the largest cycle parking companies in the UK I decided it was time to take my foot off the industrial pedal and enjoy my retirement, that was until one day as I was visiting my daughters I was made aware by my eldest grandson, who was 10 at the time that I’d dropped an elastic band on the drive and I should pick it up and dispose of it responsibly “as it takes years for it to biodegrade grandad”

I duly did as I was told but was curious to find out more, so later that evening I sat down with him and asked him how he knew that “it takes years to biodegrade” and what we discussed blew me away! His knowledge on climate change, C02 emissions, rising sea levels, plastic pollution, greenhouse gases, air pollution was truly astounding for one so young.

I was unable to sleep that night and couldn’t get our discussion out of my mind. So decided the very next morning to try and find a way to redress the balance.

It is, after all, my generation and the generations before me who have had all the benefits of the earth’s resources, and I was conscious of the legacy I was leaving so founded Doing R Bit.

Doing R Bit is the leading provider of sustainably produced Active Travel Storage, Street Furniture and Storage Solutions. Doing R Bit places sustainability at the heart of their delivery through the service delivery, supply chain and project implementation.

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