Scooter Racks

An ideal solution for schools, parks, shopping facilities and other recreational areas - scooter racks provide the community with the means to securely store their scooters, whilst encouraging sustainable active travel options that will improve physical health and fitness from an early age.

At Doing R Bit, we design and build high quality, timber scooter storage.  Driven by our sustainability principles, from concept through to installation, each scooter rack build will utilise local contractors and renewable energy sources where possible, benefitting both local economy and community whilst Doing R Bit to reduce climate change.

By using FSC/PEFC certified timber, we help mitigate carbon emissions, reducing our impact on the environment and improving air quality, all without compromising the quality of the product.

When choosing the design of your scooter rack there are several ways to boost its positive impact on the environment; including the addition of planters, placements within parklets and, with the addition of a green roof that promotes and supports biodiversity. There are many variations and designs available to meet your needs. All scooter racks are packed and shipped plastic free.

Types of Scooter Racks:

Wall Mounted - A wall mounted scooter rack providing suitable storage for any number of scooters.

Free standing - A stand alone unit providing scooter storage. Suitable for open spaces where no wall fixings are available.

Double Scooter Rack - Making the most of a unit with scooter storage on both sides.

Planter Rack - Add a scooter rack to your Doing R Bit Planter - offering a great scooter storage solution.

  • All cycle and scooter storage facilities are manufactured from sustainable PEFC/FSC certified timber.
  • Manufacturing is undertaken using renewable energy resources.
  • All products are packed and shipped plastic free.
  • Shelters come with options of having biodiverse living green roofs which encourage pollinators and insects whilst also absorbing air pollutants helping create a cleaner planet.

Every project is bespoke

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