Low Traffic Neighbourhoods - LTN for short

Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs) have become more common place on the streets across the UK. The principle is simple - reduce traffic in a neighbourhood. This is done by physically restricting non-emergency vehicle access to residential streets. Residents are still allowed to access their properties, however access to the public is restricted.  

Making better spaces for people to move

Low Traffic Neighbourhoods can provide safer spaces for residents to walk, cycle, play, and use other forms of sustainable travel. Reducing traffic and congestion can also lead to substantial improvements in air quality by reducing carbon emissions from cars. 

Congestion can often be a barrier to active travel, especially during peak “rush hour” times. By reducing the number of motor vehicles in a neighbourhood, communities become more agreeable to undertaking active travel journeys.

Where do we come in?

Doing R Bit is well placed to support Low Traffic Neighbourhood schemes and what’s more, we do this sustainably. A range of our products are ideally suited to LTN schemes and once in the Low Traffic Neighbourhood, they provide a range of options to support your community to ‘live’ in the space and make the most of it.  

Doing R Bit parklets, planters, benches, and active travel storage can be used to restrict highway space, offer areas to relax and enjoy and provide space to socialise and play. 

Our planters and parklets also contribute to biodiversity by offering natural environments for plants and insects to thrive. Our products can be customised to suit your project and bring together a range of options to create the right package for your scheme. 

At Doing R Bit, we have understood the challenge to change our course and we hope to encourage others to do the same. We are excited about the scope of change possible by embracing our natural resources and the difference that can make in supporting long term, healthy and happy communities. We simply need to change our approach and commit to choosing sustainable ways to produce sustainable options that support both the physical and mental health of our communities! 

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