From tree to timber – a sustainable prodigy

There’s no beating around the bush. We literally can’t live without them.

Each and every tree plays its part in producing the oxygen we need to breathe, a mere biproduct for these incredible living statues, but essential for life on this planet.

If that wasn’t enough, they are all active participants in carbon capture, trapping increasing amounts of it as they grow and storing it there for as long as they’re around, regardless of whether they are a living tree or a timber product. This alone makes them one of our most reliable and invaluable sources of carbon sinks.

These are just some of reasons that where our timber comes from, is so incredibly important to us at Doing R Bit and why we will only ever use PEFC/FSC certified timber to produce our products.

Does it really matter that it’s certified? It absolutely does.

Responsibly sourced and harvested timber is key to a truly sustainable future. Certified forests provide us with renewable resources while also protecting the natural habitats found within them, regulating ecosystems, and helping to protect our climate and environment. Their continual replenishment and protection from deforestation is pivotal to ensuring timber supply remains sustainable. And when you consider they need only air, sun, and water to grow their supply, you can begin to understand why we are ‘Doing R Bit’ to make timber alternatives the norm.

Beyond the forest, timber offers us everything from versatility in design and function, to choices in textures, colours, grain, and finishes. It is a joy to work with, capable of the most beautiful designs for indoor and outdoor use.

Being the sustainability superstar that it is, timber not only requires less energy input for its use but can also reduce energy consumption with its natural insulation abilities. From the smallest of items to the largest of projects, timber provides us with reliable options that deliver on aesthetics and character too. With its strength and durability, a timber product has the potential to last decades, if not generations – all the while, still storing carbon it captured in its previous life.

Pretty ‘tree’mendous credentials we’d say.