Doing R Bit for…. the Community  

 We believe using timber has a huge part to play in meeting the demands of future generations. Its durability, versatility, and availability (when harvested responsibly) lend themselves to countless projects within our communities that can support active travel, climate change and healthier, happier communities. 

 Timber is our champion, and we are shouting from our green roof tops about how we can act now to support the sustainable future we all hope for. 

We hope to inspire others by showing that the use of timber demonstrates both desirable and achievable outcomes for communities. More than just utilising timber; we have placed immense importance on ensuring sustainability is embedded throughout all our processes and that as a service provider, the advantages of this are replicated in any community we engage with nationwide! 


Take the scenic route 

Our timber facilities not only increase the capacity for the public to safely store their bikes and scooters; they also make the commute through the community much more enjoyable, encouraging commuters to ditch the car! Our active travel storage and street furniture products also benefit from an array of ‘green’ additions – From planters to parklets we incorporate space to plant, plant, and…. plant! Improving both the aesthetics and the biodiversity of the area. Our timber parklets create a wonderful space that can be used for active travel storage, playing, resting, and socialising and make a terrific addition to any space, including commuter routes and low traffic neighbourhoods. And, if you have seen our recent work, we would love you to join us in ‘reimagining the bus stop’ to turn them into multipurpose spaces that really advantage our communities and environment.  


Keep it local 

In the spirit of true sustainability, we are committed to using local contractors and suppliers for all our projects, keeping business within the local community, while the associated reduction in travel also minimises our carbon expenditure. In addition to this we like to work with kindred spirits in the community who also make sustainability a priority! 

Choosing our timber from responsibly managed and certified forests ensures the protection of the timber industry and the communities relying on it to thrive. What’s more, these forests ensure the preservation of biodiversity and carbon storage capacity globally. 


Low traffic neighbourhoods  

With the addition of robust, weatherproof reflective material, our planters and parklets can support the creation of low traffic neighbourhoods, that support a reduction in air pollution, noise pollution and traffic accidents, leading to safer, healthier streets within communities for all. Adding planters and parklets brings the added benefit of adding greenery and natural aesthetics to the area while promoting biodiversity and providing resources for use within the community 


Protect the environment  


Facilitating sustainable choices from sustainably sourced materials is integral to our operations. Our timber products contribute towards supporting the environment in many ways. The products themselves not only encourage and facilitate active travel, reducing carbon emissions and supporting healthy communities, but their creation, transport and use also produces less carbon compared to concrete and steel alternatives-great news for the environment! 

Our planters and green roofs promote biodiversity, help reduce air pollution, and can be used in combination with any of our other products. While using sustainable timber ensures the continual replenishment of trees and preservation of biodiversity within the forests- contributing to the global carbon sink. This without doubt has a direct impact on our communities by supporting the cleaner air movement and ensuring the continual supply of timber for more community projects! 



The journey to school should be stress free and fun and we are ‘DoingRBit’ to support communities make active travel choices to and from school. We are thrilled to have recently become a Modeshift partner and have identified over twenty initiatives in which our service can support schools with their Modeshift stars accreditation. We want to support green, vibrant, safer routes where scooting, walking, or cycling along with peers is the norm.  

Our timber scooter and cycle facilities improve the ability to do this while also supporting biodiversity with the addition of planters and green roofs. They are also a great talking point in schools on the topics of active travel, sustainability, and cleaner air! School culture can promote positive change and expand into other areas of the community – When we learn remarkable things, we want to share them and there is much to be learnt from our service and products – each piece we create has a story to tell, from its origins as a carbon capturing tree in the forest to its new use as a carbon storing scooter rack! 

 For Doing R Bit, the sky is quite literally the limit! We have understood the challenge to change our course and we hope to encourage others to do the same. We are excited about the scope of change possible by embracing our natural resources and the difference that can make in supporting long term, healthy and happy communities. There is no need to reinvent the wheel (which was originally a timber invention, might we add!) we simply need to change our approach and commit to choosing sustainable ways to produce sustainable options that support both the physical and mental health of our communities!