Case study: St Peter’s Church of England Primary School, Cleethorpes

We recently contacted St Peter’s Church of England Primary School in Cleethorpes and offered them the opportunity to have one of our timber scooter racks placed in the school grounds. We were delighted when they accepted the offer.

We wanted to offer a sustainable solution that would increase the school’s capacity to store scooters and help encourage active travel choices to and from school. With this in mind, we designed a scooter rack with planter and integrated seating, so that we could also provide an area for living greenery, that could be easily maintained and would further benefit the environment by supporting biodiversity and better air quality.

This combination also created a great opportunity for pupils to fully engage with their new product and learn more about its benefits, while also enjoy looking after their microhabitats!

“We loved the idea of having somewhere to safely store scooters whilst they were in school, whilst also being able to attract wildlife into the playground.  The combined rack and planter has enabled the children to look at sustainable travel and the importance of insects in our environment.”

The scooter rack with planter and integrated seating was created locally at our workshop and built like all our products, using the values of sustainability and of course, sustainable, PEFC certified timber.  Our goal is to make timber alternatives accessible for all and show how sustainably built timber products work for our environment, now and in the future. Establishing them in education and community settings is vital for the next generation and in doing so, it’s our hope that timber alternatives like this, become the norm.


Dave Spencer, founder of Doing R Bit said:

We really appreciate having the opportunity to engage with St Peters and explain more about our commitment to providing sustainable options for active travel.’

 ‘It was a real pleasure to create a timber scooter rack for them, and it’s great to know that our young generation are being supported in learning about the importance of active travel choices, sustainability, and the ways they can help create a healthier environment.’ ‘We hope they enjoy looking after the planter and that it becomes home to lots of wonderful insects!’