A company looking to make a difference because of one elastic band…

When you hear where the idea for the business came from, it will undoubtedly make you smile. A dropped elastic band and an innocent comment on how it could affect the environment, by Founder, Dave Spencer’s grandson. It made such an impact; it drew him out of retirement.

And so, it was. Doing R Bit, became an overnight pursuit, that has been work in progress ever since. Its’ purpose? Provide timber alternatives for active travel storage and street furniture that encourage active travel choices, are built using sustainable materials and methods AND, play a part in protecting the environment.

The company produces a range of products from cycle shelters and scooter racks to planters and parklets, that can also incorporate additional extras, such as environmentally beneficial green roofs. Custom designed and built, their products can be an attractive addition to almost any public or private space and with them, they bring an important message. We can choose to support a sustainable future, by choosing timber.

We are really proud of our products and what they stand for. We want to provide customers with timber alternatives that benefit our environment as well as encouraging active travel choices.

‘Timber is a lovely material to work with, its strong, durable and it looks great- what other material do we have that only needs sun and water to grow? Not to mention its ability to capture and store carbon. It’s a remarkable material and we believe it’s time to expand its use.’

In a bid to contribute to the ever-demanding need for action on climate protection,

Doing R Bit commits to using sustainable approaches in all aspects of a project were possible, including, the use of local contractors to reduce travel, powering operations with renewable energy sources and, only ever using FSC/PEFC certified timber that has been sustainably harvested.

Their hope to have a positive impact and see progression in the industry, resonates loudly throughout their work and, is a full-time commitment for founder, Dave:

Quite simply, it felt like the right thing to do. A necessary thing to do. Because while we still have a way to go, there is only one way to get there; By Doing R Bit.’

If you would like to know more about Doing R Bit and their products, please feel free to get in touch at:

Email – dave@doingrbit.co.uk

Phone – 01472 841122

Website: www.doingrbit.co.uk