What is a Parklet? We have the sustainable answer!

If you haven’t come across a Parklet yet (we hope to change that!). It is essentially a roadside space, repurposed for people. Instead of that space being occupied by a car, it becomes a public amenity, suited to the needs of the community.

When we understand the true scope of a parklet, our options become vast in how we use them and where we put them. They encourage active travel choices, increase social interaction, and boost local economies. From a rest stop for those who need it on a walk, to a place where friends can meet and chat. They can extend the seating capacity of a café, create a safe space for children to play, safely house scooters and bikes, and provide areas for plants and vegetation to support biodiversity.

By making active travel a more attractive and achievable option, they support cleaner air and healthier streets – no small thing for the sustainable future we all hope for. Every parklet that is added to the community will make the public’s journey better; more sustainable. And with parklets on the rise, Doing R Bit are here to bolster their potential.

How? You’ve probably guessed. By creating them with Timber.

A timber parklet made from sustainable materials, by sustainable methods, that encourages people to walk, stop, sit, chat, scoot, bike, play, relax. A timber parklet creates an eye-catching feature, that benefits the public and environment alike.

Purpose designed and built; by using timber we are less carbon intensive than any other construction process around and ensure as little impact on the environment as possible. They can be designed to fit into any space, bringing with them all the charm and character that timber offers; all the while diligently storing the carbon they trapped from their previous life and contributing to a powerful carbon sink. Timber parklets are an incredible way to improve our streets and support much needed action on climate change within a community.

Are you looking for a creative way to reclaim space for your community? We would love to hear from you!