Doing R Bit for Schools

When you consider the nature of school – somewhere to be nurtured, supported, and educated, somewhere that is always considering the future; you can understand why we are invested in making a positive contribution towards sustainability in the school environment. We want to help create healthier, more sustainable options for our young people, help create the right environments for discussion and change, and support more sustainable actions. At Doing R Bit, we believe that we can support schools in many ways, through both our products and our processes.

Active travel storage

Supporting more sustainable travel choices on the school journey ranks high on the list of priorities for creating more sustainable schools.  Our timber scooter and cycle storage facilities increase a school’s capacity to store bikes and scooters safely, with durable, user-friendly options that look great in the school environment.

Outside the school grounds we can support cleaner air and biodiversity by providing timber parklets and planters, that repurpose car parking spaces into environmental champions!


Education and engagement

Incentive is important, that’s human nature. So, understanding the ‘whys’ of choosing more sustainable options plays a key role in encouraging the decision-making process. Doing R Bit products open the floor up for discussion, education, and engagement. Each product increases the capacity to make sustainable travel decisions in a practical sense but also provides the opportunity to educate on how we can choose more sustainable ways to do things and the associated benefits.

Each timber product comes with charm and character and its own story of sustainability beginning in the forest – supporting topics from biodiversity and climate change to physical and mental health.

Community engagement

School culture has huge potential to influence positive change and expand into other areas of the community, from pupils and staff to family of pupils and staff! When we learn great things, we want to share them.

It’s not just within school grounds where we can make a difference, we can support changes to improve the route to school, adding planters, travel storage and parklets along commuter routes that will create safer, more pleasant journeys to school and work.

The addition of sustainable products to school life is something to get conversations going inside and outside the classroom, and we believe sets a great example for others to follow.


Our active travel storage can be combined with street furniture such as planters, that create pockets of biodiversity and encourage pupil interaction by enlisting their help to care for the plant life. They are ideal for giving hands on experience in cultivating mini ecosystems, with lots to learn about pollinators and wildlife. They make a great topic for discussion and support learning around environmental topics of clean air, climate change and sustainability. Similarly, our cycle shelters look pretty smart with the addition of a green roof, that brings a host of other environment benefits into the equation!

Is your school trying to become more sustainable and encourage more active travel? Why not get in touch and we can tell you more about our work and the bespoke timber products we can create for your school community.

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